stpitbull: Cheesiest song you hate to admit either (a) makes you feel feelings or (b) turns you on.

Why not both?  8D

Okay, this isn’t really a cheesy song, but it’s a Christmas song on one of my favourite Christmas albums EVER. The album is called “You Sleigh Me” and the song is called “Make it Home” by Juliana Hatfield. I could just listen to that song forever because it makes me feel all these feels that involve butterflies in my stomach and grinning like an idiot because I think of all these romantic feels. ajdfsklgfjfs I am a very sensitive and feely person shut up ;n;

As for turning on, also not cheesy, but “#1 Crush” by Garbage is guaranteed to make me go from stolid to completely turned on. It’s just like…Shirley Manson please just keep moaning forever as I turn up the volume to max and have that sound completely shroud my hearing so I can indulge in the fantasies of what she could be moaning about. Oh god yes.

stpitbull: The fantasy you'd blush yourself scarlet over if it ever came to. In loving detail. Go.


Would receiving head count as one? Because I would probably and most likely really enjoy that.

Maybe someone who knew what they was doing, persuaded me to calm down and relax as they told me what they were doing, and could please me in a way that made my toes curl, back arch, and give me a damn hard time trying to stifle the totally unattractive moaning I made as I came. Or make me come in a full body flush and give me the hazy eyes with the self-satisfied look in knowing they did a damn good job.also maybe telling me how good I tasted would be a major turn on oh god.

So glad that this is a fantasy, though. Because it will most likely never happen.

tofunction-deactivated20121001: what's your go-to (pic, fantasy, porn site) for tingles in your lady jiblets?

ASKFLSFDHLKLSF- This is the best question ever everyone go home okay.

WELL TO BE HONEST I’ve been on to mainly look at their previews because fuck that I’m not paying, and it’s kind of only really capable of turning me on and I’m like “well I guess this means I need to hit the shower now brb.” Main ones I look at are “Whipped Ass”, “Fucking Machines” and “Buttfucking Boys” (or something like that. BDSM = yes). I mean I’ve been kind of on Redtube because lol browsing the “gay” or “lesbian” tags on tumblr leads to various porn sites. And that was when I experienced man’s ability to take a (lubricated with condom) police baton up the asshole. As well as peeing in urinals in a more than likely unsanitary as fuck environment = very hot potential to man porn as in “YEP LET’S MAKE OUT AND TAKE OFF ALL OUR CLOTHES.”

Yep, good times.

Anonymous: How often do you masturbate?


It depends, really. If I’m tired or stressed am like “Fuck this isn’t a good idea”, then I might (keyword: might) not do it. There’s always the possibility where I just am like “Fuck the police” and do it despite the consequences.

So to answer your question, I can be quite a regular. It depends, really. I can be from only a few times a month to “ALL DAY, ER’RYDAY, AND NO ONE IS STOPPING ME.”