• me: thinks of au idea
  • me: creates intricate storylines and backgrounds for all characters involved and compiles list of conflicts and interactions that would work really well
  • me: doesn't actually do anything with the au idea

someone tell me what to draw because all i’ve done is dumb gross poopy shit uuuuuugh sticks face in acid

tries to attempt style change

throws tantrum

i want to draw this character but if i draw them in my style they’ll look like shit: a tragedy in three acts

listening to a song and wanting to draw something to it but having no idea what to specifically draw


i realise just now how much dick i suck when it comes to drawing eyes


when everyone else has an amazing/funky/flawless art style except me

  • lay down to get comfortable
  • put away tablet
  • song pops up that makes me want to draw
  • why