yes, thank you you two. you are awesome. sorry i havent gotten to these yet. ive just been SUPER busy with college and paperwork and practice so ;w; forgive me for not getting to these right away. ill be sure to tag it properly. so thank you! just been a busy zoomie is all

yes, thank you you two. you are awesome. sorry i havent gotten to these yet. ive just been SUPER busy with college and paperwork and practice so ;w; forgive me for not getting to these right away. ill be sure to tag it properly. so thank you! just been a busy zoomie is all

punkshep: why i follow you: trans miranda

the only and best miranda to exist she is superior to all over versions of miranda

holds you against me

wehdile: i don't know / how to haiku / you're a butt

yet, how you manage
to get the first line right, but
fall short with the rest


Anonymous: Hey Zommie, it's me again, the semi-occasional anon who means well but feels like he's about to say something wrong/troublesome. That pic from Men In Black you posted (probably like two days ago now) that said "Fans are smart, Fandoms are dumb, panicy, dangerous animals and you know it." You tagged it "casual ableism" and I was wondering if you could elaborate on how? Also how is college?!

yes hello. ive missed you <3

and this is kinda tricky. well, first off, i can finally tag that which is a+

and second it’s tagged casual ableism because of the use of the word dumb to describe fandom (kinda like using the word lame). and trying to change it sucks! unfortunately our language revolves around the use of words to not so greatly describe something or someone in terms of their being. it’s not cool to realize you’ve been saying something you thought was harmless but turned out to be troublesome to the people it’s affected by, then trying to change it. and it’s difficult!

but from what i’ve seen and read, the use of dumb as an ableist slur, or to considered to be such, is subject to debate. i can’t say much on the matter, given that i’m able-bodied and, for the time being, neurotypical (time being because i’m getting counselling to help with things, might turn up into a diagnosis of something?). it really depends on the person and how they take the use of the word dumb as ableist or not. and i don’t have much to provide, nor can i, because i too use the word dumb so.

and obviously there are things you can do like not use the r-word and associate it with things you don’t agree with and try to take out “high/low functioning”  and “mental age” when dealing with autism or any other condition along that spectrum, but i can’t personally tell you what is or isn’t considered ableist aside from the glaringly obvious, unfortunately ;w; just tagging it for others’ sake, essentially, since i want my blog to be a safe space for everyone, or at least trying to.

also college is going okay. settled in, doing classes, joining the rowing team! so i’m…hella tired and sore OTL BUT IM GONNA HAVE THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TOO SO………IM EXCITED! thank you for asking and thanks for coming back :3c i do miss your input on things.

alemongrenade: miranda is 12000% trans and i will never be convinced otherwise

the best miranda
the only miranda
is trans miranda

punkshep: did you.............. did you get rejected for the merp bc ur hc miranda is trans???? im. im rping as miranda w them now n im not sure i want to anymore

lmao hardly rejected bc im still up and running and in good numbers with 450+ people following me but YEAH I GOT SOME SHIT from someone.

saying that they liked my miranda and it was good except that the fact that i hc her as trans bothered them and they were like “and you know i’m all about people ACTUALLY sticking to canon” like that wasn’t going to start some shit and i made it public calling them out on it and then i got more shit saying that it apparently wasn’t transphobic and the trans people on anon (??????) saying that it wasn’t and that it would work in an au and not canon so LMAO.

all in all it was shitfest with people trying to accuse me of people wanting me to agree with 100% of my headcanons and getting mad when they don’t which i didn’t say at all but you know whatever. not worth my fucking time. and idk who you’re referring to when you say “them?” but eh. whatever. waste of my time and breath so SHRUG

Anonymous: ☠ way 2 cute


kiss u

Anonymous: If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♥


thank you anon asl;gdfl;g KISS

anneapocalypse: I dunno what's going on in the rp worlds or who's giving you shit but hugs for you Zoomie and trans Miranda forever.

thank you <3333333 hugs from anne are the best hugs

i just idk 
guess you can’t make an already hated character trans lmao

Anonymous: i love u more than that other anon

shhh anons no need for competition you can love me equally

bc i love you both


Anonymous: i love u

KISS U ilu2 anon

thegethhaveacrushonme: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things you like about yourself publicly then send it to 10 of your favourite followers. :)

fukc uh

  1. i have pretty eyes i guess. pretty bluish green that either look more blue/green depending on what i wear
  2. my lips are nice?????? i’d like to think i don’t have nearly as thin white people lips as some im safe
  3. when my hair is buzzed it’s rly soft and always open for petting
  4. i love my hands so much ok like they’re the tinest things ever?? but i love them and i love talking about hands just haNDS ok
  5. im actually a giant baby and people seem to really like to talk to me so that is neato

tags???????? whoever wants to do this. kiss u all

unklarity: Thought: Kasumi checking on miri during the war while she's running from Cerberus and even though she was so screwed up from the collector base, still helping with the crucible so she could keep better tabs on Miranda thru the alliance network. Miranda finding out and getting mad but not saying anything because it's nice having someone watch over her for a change.

im so upset 

Anonymous: i assume YOU'RE HELLA RAD


but kisses ur face tho bc you’re a sweetheart thank you uwu

wehdile: Outsider/Miranda in a Modern Day AU

He’s the dark-eyed man, the one that always lingers, who visits every day and brushes his fingers along her desk as she works, always a wonder how he gets past security. They hardly talk, but it’s always philosophy when they do, questions about life and just what he knows as he gives a thin-lipped smile and replies with “More than you know.” Before leaving he gives her fingers a brush and promises he’ll be back tomorrow at the same time, and she never has it in her mind to doubt him, because it repeats all over again.