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seriously though, list of fucking awful trends in the gay male community:

  • "sassy black woman" voice
  • t-slurs everywhere
  • talking down to women/harassing them because “it’s ok i’m gay lol”
  • transphobia towards trans men (ew, vaginas!!!)
  • misogyny towards cis women (more ew, vaginas!!!!)
  • "gay is the new black" (says white gay men)

like can we just address


  • trying to disguise racism as a “preference”

All of this


just girly things: pretending to be on the phone when you walk by a large group of men because there’s a chance they’ll harass you <333

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Yes I'm afraid of cis people.


I was thinking about “cisphobia” because it’s always this thing that cis people bring out as a GOTCHA REVERSAL thing on trans people. Like, you’re mean to us, you’re CISPHOBIC! or what nots. Piers Morgan just used it today in response to the criticism he’s gotten about the…


hey, guys?

this is a pretty important petition i think we need to pass around again. 

creepshots has both a tumblr and a twitter in which they openly accept demeaning pictures of women, WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. THESE IMAGES ARE TAKEN OF WOMEN WHO HAVE NO IDEA THEY ARE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED, AND THEN PUT ONLINE FOR THESE FUCKING WASTES OF SPACE TO “ENJOY”.

look at either of them if you want a taste, but be aware that comments such asShe fall from lifting the bar or lifting those tits?” are common on each and every unsolicited, disgustingly indulgent photo.

on top of this, they have allegedly accepted images of women in their own homes, taken by spouses or boyfriends without their partner’s consent.

this is not fucking fair.

this is fucking disgusting.

this is rape culture.

and we have no choice but to get together and shut them down.

please sign this fucking petition.

Why You Should Delete SnapChat



Unsurprising fact of the day: the inventors of SnapChat are misogynists. 

so… not only do they keep your photos on file indefinitely, they also can sell them at any time for any reason they see fit - which means that your friends or family members or even future employers could see you marketing any number of things, against your will. you could be used to market pornographic sites. your image could be fucking ruined, through no fault of your own.

please please PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know, especially if you know that they use snapchat or someone they know does. this information is IMPORTANT. lives could be ruined, here.

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I accompanied someone to the police station to report a sexual assault, and this is what happened



A regular client turned good friend was sexually assaulted and asked me if I would go with her to the police station to make the report. Here is what happened.

Things to note:

1. There may be some triggers around sexual assault, victim blaming, and incompetent police officers.

2. My friend gave me permission to write this and actively encouraged me to do so, as a learning opportunity for all of you. However her name has been changed to LC for this post.

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Just a Game:

A 7 minute documentary about female gamers, and misogyny in the gaming community.

This could not have been made without the videos that were submitted, and without many wonderful articles written.

The aspect ratio is a little off unfortunately, but I hope you all still enjoy it, and can take something from it.

Warning for strong language use, mentions of rape, general dude-bro douche-baggery.  

Please share and spread :)

you know I’m all for girl gamers and everything like they have every right to game.  But let’s be honest they aren’t as good as guys and it’s a fact.  when was the last time you saw a girl in a national tournament or anything of that sort? It just doesn’t happen so yes girls can game but their skill level will never be as good

OH man, you’re such a NICE GUY! So we’re allowed to play games, even though we should never expect to be as good as you wonderful strong men? WOW, thank you SO much for your permission!

Take a step back and have a look at what you just said. Thank you for being a shining example of everything wrong with the gaming community. Let girls play but they’re not as good as us. They never will be.

Biologically, there are NO advantages that men have over women that translate to gaming. None at all. But what DO men have going for them? Well for starters, their presence isn’t highly criticized from the moment they enter a tournament. Either she’s there because they want a token girl (she’s not a ‘real gamer’) or she hasn’t got a life, is ugly or fat right?

And if a guy joins a team I can bet you a lot of money HIS couch won’t spend their entire training session making him uncomfortable by trying to guess his bra size, or ask him to take his shirt off while focusing the webcam streaming the training session solely on his legs. 

And heaven forbid women try to avoid this and dare to make an all female team. No, if they do that, they’re either being part of the problem (they won’t let guys play with them it’s unfair to us) or they’re doing it for attention (just because they have tits and play games they want us to watch). Either way, they’re fucked before they begin, because people like you have decided they shouldn’t be there.

The minute a woman starts trying to become an competitive gamer, the odds are stacked against her. It’s all by your terms, and your rules.

It’s not about skill levels, because the playing field isn’t level to begin with. We don’t want to be harassed, or belittled, or have to deal with ignorant people like you who assume that because you have a dick you’re going to be better than we will ever be before we’ve even started playing.

Guys are not always going to be better than girls at gaming. Guys are not better than girls at gaming now. They’ve just made sure it’s really fucking hard for a woman to reach a point where she can prove it in a way that you can’t pretend never happened. 


glad to know the only reason women could possibly exercise is so men can masturbate to them having sex thank u for enlightening me

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One Woman's Dangerous War Against the Most Hated Man on the Internet





holy fucking shit

get this circulated. like, everywhere.





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Swear to God, I can’t stand to hear a woman claim that she thinks like a guy and hates women because they’re all catty. That’s misogyny. The very fact that you, as a woman, think differently than how a socially-stereotyped woman is supposed to think is proof that our gender “norms” are fucking us over. Women are not all alike. Some of us like football. Some of us like talking on the phone. Some of us like religion. Some of us are emotional. Some of us speak three languages. Some of us have boyfriends. Some of us have girlfriends. Some of us wear lipstick. Some of us don’t shave our pits. Some of us have kids. Some of us worry we’ll drop our best friend’s baby. Now please stop claiming that you don’t act like a woman. It doesn’t make you a special fucking snowflake. It makes you a perpetrator of misogyny.

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I couldn’t love this more.

Also, I am TERRIFIED about dropping babies.

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here you go tumblr

This is the dumbest fucking thing…

1. You reference studies that show both men and women CAN BE sexually aroused due to nipple stimulation but go on to ignore the fact that men are included to advance your theory that women’s nipples are sexual objects intended for men’s entertainment.

2. Just because something can be sexually arousing when stimulated does not equate it with your genitals. Most people, of all genders, become sexually aroused when their ears are stimulated; are you going to argue that those should be covered as well? Although, I suppose you would just be interested in covering women’s ears…

3. It is hilarious that you use the fact that men find breasts attractive (in this elementary school hetero–normative understanding of evolution) to be a legitimate reason why we should consider breast to be sexual organs. These cavemen in your watered-down Darwin example were also drawn to females with more fatty tissue in all areas of their bodies as well as long hair. By your reasoning, all women should wear a burqa regardless of religious context.

4. Not all cultures and regions prohibit women from uncovering their breasts so your whole argument comes off as ignorant, imperialistic, racist bull shit. Oh, and really God damned sexist.

5. Your whole argument is flawed from the get go because it hinges on the doxa of a hetero–normative gender binary which is scientifically false. This goes beyond identity and sexuality; people are not only born with XX or XY chromosomes, and formation of external gender is incredibly nuanced and varied. Men with XY chromosomes can and do develop breasts that look and act just as a female with XX chromosomes do.

You have no idea what you’re talking about, so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

i can almost hear the mic drop from here

"womens boobies are sensitive so u cant show them in plublic xDD" oh my god



The fact that people still think girls don’t like video games and when they do it’s only to get attention, blows my fucking mind

the fact that women make up 43% of the gaming population even though it’s misogynistic, toxic, abusive and downright unwelcoming proves that women are automatically more hardcore at gaming than men



the term Mary Sue stems from an actual character named Mary Sue in a Star Trek fic way back in the stone age of the 70s that was written specifically to mock female Trek OCs for being badly written wish fulfillment vehicles for teenage girls

it was always specifically gendered and used to shit on female power fantasies in fanfiction

the fact that ppl can’t even agree on a comparable term for male characters (is it Gary Stu or Marty Stu?) should tell you something about its purpose

the types of legitimate criticisms we can make about these types of characters are not by any means restricted to them, nor are they restricted to female OCs

ergo why I always ask the question, “why do we need a specific, gendered term to describe a poorly written character?”

Men still have trouble recognizing that a woman can be complex, can have ambition, good looks, sexuality, erudition, and common sense. A woman can have all those facets, and yet men, in literature and in drama, seem to need to simplify women, to polarize us as either the whore or the angel. That sensibility is prevalent, even to this day.